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Download Instructions for Internet Explorer Users

To access your downloaded product, you must be logged into your account. Once you are logged in, go to My Products.

You will then see your purchased product with the download option located on the righthand side. Click "Download" and your file will begin downloading.

A box will appear at the center of the bottom of your screen showing download progress:

If you click "View Downloads," you will be able to see and track your current download.

Once the file has finished downloading, you will then be asked what you would like to do with the files. Click "Save As" to save the file in a specific location. Saving on your Desktop is recommended to locate the file easily and quickly.

Files are often "zipped" or "compressed" in order to allow for faster download and to download a number of items at the same time. If you have downloaded a zipped file, you will need to extract the file in order to open/play. Right click on the file and choose "Extract All..."

You will then be given the option to extract the files to a specific location. Again, we recommend extracting to your Desktop to access the files easily. Once you've unzipped/extracted your files, it will look similar to this:

Simply double-click the desired files to play.

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